I am writing today after a month of vacation.  I was supposed to rest during my vacation in Phoenix but I seem to have come home just as tired.  How about that?  SO I decided  to take a break from everything – phone calls, texts, Facebook and even those I love –  and that is what I have been doing (Sorry all my friends).  I have been fasting life for a few weeks!

Most people cannot just lay everything down and decide to fast life.  If you have children, a family and possibly a career, nothing in your world says you have permission to take even an hour break much less a few weeks.  It probably won’t happen in this season of your life.  But I promise you, there will come a time. There were years when I not only juggled life with three children and a husband but had a full-time teaching position as well.  Up at 5 am every morning (just so I could have 10 minutes alone), I would grab my black, strong coffee, sit down in the dark room and stare.  I called it my “stare time with Jesus “ ( I actually got the idea from another overwhelmed teacher friend – thanks Linda).  I would do nothing but just sit with Him and be quiet.  It was the most tranquil part of my day because when that 10 minutes concluded, I would sound the alarm for the rest of the family to get up and believe it or not, by the grace of God,  at 7:30 am every morning, I would be sitting in staff devotions at our Christian school getting ready for the blessings who would shortly arrive.  Now I look back and think – HOW DID I DO IT?  

OK….. This one’s for YOU!!!!                            

I am certain  there are days you get up and think how can I do this again?  It is amazing to me how God’s grace seems to always be enough for those seasons when there is not enough sleep, not enough time, or not enough of you to go around.  Somehow, Jesus is just there helping you along the way and all the while understanding completely your sometimes “out of control thoughts” screaming at you to just run away from it all.  I just want to tell you that I totally understand – been there and as the OLD cliche goes – “been there; done that.”  

It will get better! Maybe you are there today.  Maybe you feel as though your life is out of control or at least you perceive –  you are.  Maybe today you just want to give up and give someone else  your life.  In your heart, you know that this thought is not really YOU; but sometimes life just gets overwhelming.

There is an answer to this need to run away from it all.  Like I said, I call it my silly “Stare time with Jesus.”  


Here is how it works:  Take the scripture that you need for the week – one that really speaks to your moment.  Write it down on a 3X5 notecard.  Several times during the week, make it a practice to get up 15 minutes before the family.  Take 5 minutes to get your wonderful hot drink whatever it is, write down 2 things for which  you are grateful, get your 3X5 notecard with your scripture (Don’t memorize it now – we arent’ working), read it and then sit for 10 minutes with Jesus and say nothing.  Just close your eyes.  Breathe in His sweetness and know  that HE is there comforting your heart in this wonderful season called MOTHERHOOD or BUSY WOMANHOOD!

ChildPraying  Become like a child again.

My yearly scripture to get through hard times has always been Isaiah 26:3.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all those whose thoughts are fixed on you.”  (NLT)

It only takes 10 minutes of your day to let peace rule in your heart.  It really helped me during those years of wild chaos!

WE MADE IT!!!!! Here’s all 19 of us!



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