There’s a Crane on my Fence!



As I was enjoying my breakfast the other mornning, I looked out the patio window and much to my surprise, a crane (in AZ) landed on my fence. Its long neck held high, the crane perched itself there for more than 20 minutes.  I watched as it would twist its neck in several different directions possibly scoping out the land.  Knowing that cranes enjoy bodies of water, I was stunned to see it perched on the fence just enjoying my turf. There is a small little pond to the right of our fence but certainly not the type of water this bird would require.  But here it landed and here it was going to stay.  Interested in this dynamic bird’s story, of course, I went right to my Wikipedia to read up on its history.  I wanted to know a little gossip about my little friend.  I think that my 20 minutes of observation taught me much more than my encyclopedia.  I watched the crane stretch her neck to carefully observe her surroundings.   As she enjoyed the wonderful sun, she remained alert and ready to fly in a moment’s notice.   As I drank my coffee (By the way ~ I wrote a devotional on coffee breaks with Jesus) and pondered all of this, I was reminded that the home we are renting for a few weeks here in AZ is surrounded by  four ceramic owls.  Unlike the crane, the owl does not have a long neck but she has eyes with nictitating membranes that can move independently of each other. Both these species can see more clearly and more distinctly than most species.  This morning it seemed as though nature was speaking clearly again reminding me to stop and observe the “NOW.”

Psalm 39:4  “Lord, make me to know my end and (to appreciate) the measure of my days – what it is; let me know and realize how frail I am (how transient is my stay here). (Amp.)

I have a secret for you, today.73122252

It doesn’t matter how busy you may be or how much you have to do today, there is a crane on your fence reminding you to slow down a minute and enjoy the moment.  Our every moment is measured in time and every day is a gift.  Our families are a gift and they are a once in a lifetime opportunity and every moment of laughter with them and every tear that falls to the ground is a once in a life time moment that can never again be replicated.  I think the Father is speaking to a busy, overworked world and saying, let everything go for this one precious moment – it is my gift to you.  If you just take a moment to stop, I think you will find a crane on your fence somewhere, sometime during the day.  God is waiting to speak a loving word to you through life.  It is one short moment away.

Hey, will you continue to take a moment with me?

Reconnect with Jesus… Eat Your Eggs Slowly… and Watch for the Crane on Your Fence…      THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!

Join me on my journey to 1000 thankful moments. I am now up to 200.  Remember, put your notebook somewhere easy to get to and keep looking for those thankful moments and jot them down.


You are loved today,   Julaine


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