It’s February! I Have a Secret!


Guess what!  I am writing this blog while sitting in the sun in Arizona. Most of the nation is in a weather storm of sorts with more snow than I care to see; however, I do miss the warm blanket inside and gazing at the warm blanket of snow outside.  It is always so beautiful and has such an inticing sparkle that I am drawn to give that white fluffy “stuff” a try.  Boots on and snow gear in hand, I usually attempt to shovel my way out the door.  A few minutes later, red and runny nosed, hands freezing, I decide maybe it IS much better appreciated through the window wrapped in a wonderful blanket and a cup of something hot in my hand.  That all said, I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are today.  


I have a secret for you, today.

 Revelation 19:7 says, “Let us rejoice and shout for joy (exulting and triumphant)! Let us celebrate and ascribe to Him glory and honor, for the marriage of the Lamb (at last) has come, and His bride has prepared herself. (Amp)

I have been sensing and actually shared on this two weeks ago in Denver, CO, that it is time for the bride of Christ (believers) to renew her vows.  By that I mean, it is time to quit playing games and fooling around with other lovers (other things more important than Jesus) and time to renew our vows and commitment to Christ.  I believe that the bride, possibly due to disappointments in life, pain and trials, has grown lukewarm.  The feeling is gone.  The emotion and the dedication have all but disappeared. Maybe this is you.  You just have not been able to put your finger on it…something has changed inside.   Lukewarmness sets in when we least expect it – actually, it sets in when we are consumed with the busyness of life, all its distractions and the many voices that yell from so many directions.  

Oops!  I hear a line from an old song by the Supremes playing in my head.  STOP! in the name of love!  Yes, stop and think about it.  Here is what I do when my heart starts to get lukewarm.  I find a place – a quiet place and sit down with Jesus and I begin to thank Him for all His goodness. (In fact, right now, I am on a quest to write 1000 things for which I am thankful.) I then confess that I am in trouble.  I need help.  My heart needs help.  I  repent of busyness and anything that has stolen my heart.  I receive His forgiveness and then I just bask in His free gift of love and mercy either through His Word, music or just quieting myself so that I can hear His voice.  Sometimes I have to just BE with Him, say nothing and allow His love to bring me home again.    

Hope that helps!  Love you much.  Julaine


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