How to Hear the Voice of God




OK… I wish I looked like her!  But you get the picture…  (Big huge smiley face)

I have decided that I am too much of a perfectionist and it keeps me from this keyboard. TODAY, I will sit down and write. No excuses!

I have been running away again to my secret place; that is, when I am not traveling and hanging out with my amazing kids, grandkids and/or HUB friends and family.  It is a must for me.  I have to hear the voice of God and I must have my time alone with Him. My heart is burning to be with the One I love so much. The sound of His voice is like a sweet bread and sweet wine.  It fills me up and satisfies like nothing I have ever experienced. I know that it also gives Him more pleasure than anything to know that I would want to get away just to be with Him.  He longs for us, you know.  He burns with a passion to speak and share His deepest secrets.   He is a Father – He is not a tyrant or a dictator.  He is Father and He wants to have deep intimate times with His children.

Here is something I have learned over the years about hearing His voice. Did you know it only takes a few minutes of quiet to hear His voice or just to connect with Him.  You don’t need hours but you need a hungry heart.  Remember, it is that still quiet voice in your heart.  You will know when you hear it.  IT is sometimes a scripture or just a gentle “I love you.”

Here is how I choose to live each day.

First of all, I check my heart daily to make certain that if I have sinned in any area, I repent and change the way I think.  Secondly, I get out my wonderful journal notebook and prepare to write.


Thirdly, I find a quiet secluded place (Matt. 6:6), put on my favorite soaking CD in the background and read a Psalm allowing my mind to focus on Him.  I meditate on the scriptures and still my mind.  He becomes my thoughtlife.  If my mind wonders off, I gently pull it back to the scriptures and His goodness and then, continue on.  I  will ask Him a question.  For instance, “How do you see me, Jesus?” or ” What do you want to say to me today?”   Another one I like to ask is, “How can I worship you today, Father?”  Sometimes, I will have a passing thought and that is where I begin writing.  You see, if your mind is focused on Christ and His Word, then the things that pass through your mind should reflect His love and character.

I begin to write what comes to mind.  It is a beautiful time of just following His lead.  You will be surpised when you go back and read what He has written to you and about you.  He really, really wants to communicate with His kids. If you are unsure as to whether you heard correctly, it is always good to check it out with God’s written word.  Does it line up with scripture?  Is it encouraging and edifying or instructional?  It is also good to share with a good friend whom you can trust just to validate the word.  The more you write the more you hear.

I was by the lake recently just sitting with Him.  Let me share a couple picturesl


It is so amazing when we just stop what we are doing for five minutes just to behold Him and LISTEN to His voice.  Ok… let’s do it!  Just 5 minutes of tuning in can change your life.

Please, please if possible, will you send me your testimony of things you have heard?  We are in this together because we are family and He is Father.

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Love you much.  Julaine

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